Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Kaittlin!

Yes, it's true, Kaittlin is 17 years old! How the time flys! And with me being so young....:):)hahaha!

Kaittlin turned 17 years old on Saturday. That day Ike had a football game in Plummer in the afternoon so we went to it. They played Potlatch & won their game. Ike didn't play a lot, but seems to be getting it a little more & a little more. Afterwards we headed to Coeur d'Alene & had dinner had Kaittlin's favorite resteraunt, Panda Express then went to see a movie. It was a fun day.

It is a typical busy week in our household. On Monday Kaittlin went to a football game in Spokane, the guy she has been dating was playing at home game at his school (she rode with his sister, who lives in St. Maries). Cassidy has 3 different games to cheer at this week plus has to take photos at an away football game because she is in the publications class. Ike had to give a speech at school yesterday because he was running for class office. In the middle school, in each grade, you choose to run for four "class representative" seats. You make speeches & your class votes. The person with the most votes is the class president & the other 3 are the representatives. Ike is now the class president. Progress reports came out this week. Except for one C- they were all VERY good.

Mike had a booster club planning meeting for homecoming next week & I had a party for our Junior Miss. She leaves on Saturday for Coeur d'Alene where she will spend one week preparing for & competing in the statewide program. I will be going to the program starting next Thursday. I am really excited for her to experience the state program...she is going to do great.

So, same thing different day. Hope all my readers are well!

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