Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Kaittlin!

Yes, it's true, Kaittlin is 17 years old! How the time flys! And with me being so young....:):)hahaha!

Kaittlin turned 17 years old on Saturday. That day Ike had a football game in Plummer in the afternoon so we went to it. They played Potlatch & won their game. Ike didn't play a lot, but seems to be getting it a little more & a little more. Afterwards we headed to Coeur d'Alene & had dinner had Kaittlin's favorite resteraunt, Panda Express then went to see a movie. It was a fun day.

It is a typical busy week in our household. On Monday Kaittlin went to a football game in Spokane, the guy she has been dating was playing at home game at his school (she rode with his sister, who lives in St. Maries). Cassidy has 3 different games to cheer at this week plus has to take photos at an away football game because she is in the publications class. Ike had to give a speech at school yesterday because he was running for class office. In the middle school, in each grade, you choose to run for four "class representative" seats. You make speeches & your class votes. The person with the most votes is the class president & the other 3 are the representatives. Ike is now the class president. Progress reports came out this week. Except for one C- they were all VERY good.

Mike had a booster club planning meeting for homecoming next week & I had a party for our Junior Miss. She leaves on Saturday for Coeur d'Alene where she will spend one week preparing for & competing in the statewide program. I will be going to the program starting next Thursday. I am really excited for her to experience the state program...she is going to do great.

So, same thing different day. Hope all my readers are well!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Doctor Blessing

I just wanted to post here & say what a blessing it is to have a GREAT doctor.

As a child, our family doctor was always in Spokane...there was no clinic or doctors in Plummer (although I think we went to Fairfield for a while when I was very small). When he stopped practicing family medicine & went strictly immediate/emergency care he recommended us to another general practitioner in his building. We interviewed her & loved her. Although she is a general practitioner/family doctor her passion is preventing & treating diabetes, heart disease, stroke...all those diseases that we become more susceptible to as we get older. Because of this many of her patients are middle-aged or older. When our children were very young we would get the royal treatment when we came to her office because the staff did not see that many younger patients & we were an anomaly.

After moving to St. Maries it became harder & harder to get to Spokane & we began to use the doctors/clinic here for minor issues...stitches, sore throats, allergies, etc. I think we have some really good doctors here & I particularly like a couple of our physician assistants, but like any small town there are is hard to get an appointment with who you want to see, you get to hear about every miss/mistake made because everyone knows everyone, they have a hard time retaining doctors who want to stay here therefore the turnover is high. So, even though we do frequent the clinic here our family doctor is still our family doctor.

Last fall, right about the time I needed to go in for my annual physical I received a letter from our insurance company saying that we could no longer see Dr. Harrison in Spokane unless we wanted to pay the entire bill ourselves. It took MONTHS of back & forth calling, explaining, etc to finally, this spring, be told that we could see her, but our co-pay would be $40 instead of $20...twice as expensive, but way better than changing doctors.

The summer was crazy, so I finally got an appointment to see her for my annual physical (one year late!) yesterday. I also took along Cassidy, who received a diagnosis last spring of asthma, but had not been seen since by Dr. Harrison and Ike, who has been struggling with frequent, painful, huge, ugly, nasty cold sores.

My appointment was at 2pm & the kids' were at 3pm...we did not leave the office until, she is not inefficient, she spent ALL of that time with us! She gave me my physical & got my prescriptions re-done for the sleep disorder I have (and have really been struggling with since I have been out of medication)...she also ordered some lab work & routine tests. She hooked Cassidy up to a computer & measured her breathing. She was able to confirm the asthma diagnosis, identify some of her triggers (cold weather, exercise, & interestingly enough, acid reflux!) & get her some prescriptions ordered. She also said that Cassidy has a sinus infection which is likely why she has felt terrible for the past 10 days or so...antibiotics on board today! She spent a long time looking up & researching possibilities to treat Ike's cold sores, we finally came up with a solution to try for a while to see if it works.

Dr. Harrison is also very good about making sure you don't pay more than you should for your prescriptions. She always has a wealth of samples, coupons, etc on hand & has no problem telling you to go to the over-the-counter section at Costco for some of your needs. She loaded us up with samples so that most of our prescriptions could be filled a few at a time so it wouldn't be one big expense. I was kind of afraid we would be pulled over on the way home & accused of robbing a pharmacy! :)

I'm really looking forward to getting my sleep back on track, getting a handle on Cassidy's asthma, & (hopefully) Ike not having to suffer through any more cold sores.

So, for that, I am thankful for our family doctor!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Home Alone

Ssshhhh...can you hear that? That's right, quiet!!! I am home alone! That doesn't happen very often, wow!

This week went well. I had two meetings scheduled for this week, plus all of the kids' activities so it was set to be a very busy week. However, my Junior Miss meeting ended up being rescheduled for next week so that took a little pressure off.

On Monday evening Mike & I went to a Lumberjack Booster Club meeting. It was held at the new restaurant at the Golf Course, Casa de Oro. The food was really good! The booster club has recently acquired an influx of new members & is undergoing some leadership changes. The club, which has been very successful & influential in the past had dwindled down, not in paying members, but in members that are willling to volunteer to do the physical work required to keep it going. In recent weeks, there has been a push to revive & revitalize the club & there has been a lot of interest. We started the meeting with elections of new officers. Mike was elected Vice President & the coordinator of the BBQ Crew, the group of volunteers who BBQ hamburgers & hot dogs at each home, outdoor sporting event. The group seems to be very interested in carrying on with the events that the club has sponsored in the past, as well as coming up with some new & exciting ideas.

Ike has been feeling much better after his bout with strep & his cold sores are healing up. I have a doctor's appointment with our family doctor in Spokane next week to see what we can do about the cold sores. He had football practice three times this week & also got his alto saxophone for band...he is very excited about that. On Friday night all of the little guys who play football were announced in front of the crowd at the home high school football game with their big brothers on the hs team. This morning he had a football game in Plummer. They played Spangle & were defeated 18 - 0, they didn't play particularly well. He is at the hs soccer game right now with Kaittlin & is bringing home one of this friends to spend the night.

Cassidy had an asthma attack at school this week. She is terrible about taking her inhaler with her. Her asthma is not horrible, mostly only acts up during allergy season & exercise. She will also be going with me to the doctor on Wednesday of next week to have her asthma assessed. She has been going to cheerleading practice this week. She went to Plummer with us this morning & watched Ike's football game, then went to Papa's house. She will be home tomorrow.

Kaittlin had a good week. She is taking the CNA class at the high school this year. It is a college program through Lewis Clark State College that is held the first two periods of each day. The first semester is the Fundamentals of Health course & the second semester is the actual CNA course. The Fundamentals of Health class is held mostly online & is somewhat self paced, although there are deadlines that must be met regarding assignments, quizzes, & exams. Her first week consisted of a small amount of reading followed by a quiz. She received 100% on that quiz. Since then she has been working on reading a large amount of material, followed by an exam that needed to be completed by last Friday. On Tuesday she took the exam & passed with a 72%. The students can re-take the exams to better their scores as long as they have them completed by the deadline date. Kaittlin decided to study some more & try to get a higher score. She took it two more times & again, received scores in the 70's. So she studied more, took more notes, & re-read the material from start to finish before taking the exam one last time on Friday. She got a 96%!! Whoo hoo!!

Kaittlin is a member of Key Club, which is a student service organization affiliated with the Kiwanis. She really likes it & will likely be a volunteer all of her life. Key Club is getting geared up for the year & she is right in the thick of it. She also went to the football game with us this morning, mowed the lawn when she got home, & then took her brother with her to the hs soccer games this afternoon. I suspect they will be home shortly.

Work was crazy for me this week. We are short handed & training new employees & it seemed to be one of those weeks where everything goes wrong! Mike BBQ'd at soccer & football this week, but took today off to go on a motorcycle ride with some friends.

We are looking at the list of items that need to be done for the winter & trying to figure out where we are going to fit all of that in...hopefully the weather holds for a while.

I will sign off now & enjoy my last few minutes of quiet before everyone starts trickling home...

Monday, September 8, 2008

One week down!

Well, the first week of school has been completed, with little or no problems!!!

Kaittlin has a very full schedule this year with so many of the required classes landing on your junior year. In addition she is taking a two hour college course that will culminate in receiving her CNA at the end of the school year. So far, so good. She got 100% 0n her very first quiz & has been working online all week for toward the test that falls at the end of this week. She got her letterman's jacket this week...she is SO EXCITED!!! She wore it doing her homework the night I brought it home & even though the weather has been in the 80's she has wore it everyday since!!! I need to get the battery charged on my camera, then will post some photos...the jacket turned out very nice!!! She has school pictures today & managed to get in a couple soccer games & a half of a football game last week, she went home early because she was not feeling well. We called in for antibiotics for both her & Cassidy after Ike's bout with strep & I think we caught them both in time.

Cassidy has had very little homework so far & seems to be enjoying school. She has cheerleading practice three nights a week & they spend the first 45 minutes of every practice working on homework, I really like that. She & a friend went to Plummer last Friday night to go to the football game (her friend's cousin was playing), then they spent the night with Papa, went to the movies in Coeur d'Alene on Saturday, & back to her friend's house on Saturday night. She came home on Sunday morning.

Ike is enjoying middle school & likes his homeroom teacher. They tested last week to see which math & reading classes they will end up in. They should know that today. He is feeling much better & is almost done with his medicine, but is suffering through a horrible bout of cold sores...yuk! And, of course, school pictures were last week!!! He had his very first football game on Saturday. This is his first year of playing & he was pretty excited. I know NEARLY NOTHING about football, but do know that he is on the first string defense team & the coach said he did a good job. He surprised me on Saturday morning by coming upstairs & announcing that he would like to be in band! Really???!!!??? Although he has always been fairly musically inclined he has never really shown an interest. He said he originally thought he might like to play the drums, but EVERYONE wants to play the drums, so he chose the alto saxophone. He is very excited to get his instrument today (he can rent one from the school for $25 a year...can't beat that!).

On Friday night I took tickets at the high school football team & Mike helped cook with the BBQ Crew. On Saturday we went to Ike's football game & Sunday after church was spent at home. I didn't get a lot done, I didn't feel that good. But it is sure nice to be on a schedule again.

This week is looking busy as I have two meetings to attend, Booster Club & Junior Miss. Then of course there is kids' practices, Kaittlin is involved in Key Club activities, & Ike has another football game this coming Saturday.

Well, that's about it for another week. Have a good one!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Holiday Weekend

Whew! It is nearly over! Holidays are exhausting!

Labor Day is a huge weekend here in St. Maries. Our local Paul Bunyan Days celebration is always that weekend & draw thousands of people to our little town. I used to really enjoy partaking in all of the festivities, but have gotten to where I really pick & choose now. There are so many people in town, so many tourists, that the celebration, although very fun, has lost some of its small town charm...there are usually more people downtown than there are at the Coeur d'Alene fair on any given day.

Our family's weekend really kind of started on Thursday, as Kaittlin had a friend from Bonners Ferry arrive that day to spend the weekend with us. Kaittlin acutally went home with Papa on Wednesday night. He needed to make a run to Genesee, Moscow, & Lewiston on Thursday. He let Kaittlin drive the whole way...the first time she has driven that far & in a "city". He said that she did well. That evening Alicia arrived.

On Friday, after several days of Ike complaining about a sore throat, he woke up so sick that he couldn't swallow water & barely spoke (now, THAT is sick). I took him to the clinic on Friday morning. He tested positive for strep & was sent home on antibiotics. After work everyone headed to the football game (except for Ike who was asleep on the couch & didn't even care that we were leaving). Kaittlin, Cassidy, & Alicia along with Alicia's boyfriend, Nick all attended the football game then headed downtown to the PBD teen dance. Cassidy said it was great...the older kids thought it was "lame". Mike was cooking for the Lumberjack Booster Club BBQ Crew at the game...they sold a bunch of hot dogs & hamburgers...good night for their first outing. My job at the game was to stand at the back "entrance", the one that everyone sneaks into & check hand stamps. I went home to be with Ike when they stopped charging admittance at half time. We played Grangeville...our JV blew them away & we lost 21-0 (I think) for varsity.

Saturday was kind of a relaxing day for me. The girls headed to the carnival. We stayed home all day. I had to cook the last of a half box of peaches I had before they got too ripe...made peach crisp & bourbon peach cobbler...yummy! Al brought over BBQ'd ribs & I made cheesy potato casserole. ALL of the kids showed up at 5:00 to each, including Nick & Joe, Kaittlin's boyfriend. They vacuumed up the food & off they went again...Cassidy back to the carnival for a couple hours & the teenagers to a movie party at Nick's house.

On Sunday Ike was finally feeling good enough to be upright...he actually felt alot better. So we all went to church, then the kids all headed to the carnival to watch the competitions & games. Later in the afternoon we stopped & picked up Ike & went to the EnduroCross races...I have never been to was really fun!

Then about 8pm everyone met at the city fields for the best fireworks show in the Pacific Northwest! No really, it truly is the best fireworks show in the Pacific Northwest...$40,000 worth of fireworks...the show lasted 57 minutes. Several years ago there was a show on cable that ranked the top ten fireworks shows in the United States. The St. Maries Paul Bunyan Days show was ranked #10 in the nation! It is amazing!

The show ended just after 10pm & the girls had to part from the boys....aaawwww, sad... We were all home by 11pm, except for Cassidy who had a babysitting job immediately following the fireworks. She spent the night there & will be home today.

This morning is the parade...Ike's football team is walking in the parade. I am at work so will miss it, but they line up in the parking lot of the store, so I will step out right before 10am to see the sights. Hopefully as soon as the parade is over all of the children will be heading home. I will get off about noon & Al is bringing over steaks to BBQ. I hope to have a relaxing afternoon & evening at home before the BIG DAY tomorrow. Back to school, whoo hoo!!!