Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Wow! What a week it has been!

Last week it was homecoming week at St. Maries High School, along with several other high schools in the region. On top of that it was also Idaho State Junior Miss.

Homecoming festivities included a myriad of home games....girls & boys soccer, volleyball, & football. As the coordinator of the Lumberjack Booster Club BBQ Crew this kept Mike very busy with cooking at all of the games...I don't think we were home for dinner a SINGLE NIGHT! The high school had class competitions all week. They decorated halls & had contests during lunch. On Wednesday night there was Jock Strap Volleyball, Powderpuff Football, & Deal or No Deal. There was a pep rally one day & the parade was on Friday. All of these activities were one big class competition (I don't even know which class ended up winning). One of the big competitions was the dress up days. Here are photos of Kaittlin from the dress up days (most were taken with her phone & emailed so I apologize now for the quality):

Monday was Hobo Day. This may have been her best effort of the week.

Tuesday was Cross Dress Day where the boys were to dress like girls & the girls were to dress like boys. She wore her dad's biking leathers & received several comments on her remarkable likeness to him:

Wednesday was Wacky Wednesday. Evidently that was an "anything goes" day:

Thursday was Generations day. The freshmen were to dress like infants, the sophomores as toddlers, the juniors as adults, & the seniors as senior citizens. Kaittlin did not get a picture this day, but as a junior wore a suit.

Friday was class color day. Her class color is orange:

Our homecoming football game was on Friday night againt Kellogg. We lost 0-27. Our school holds their bonfire after the football game. I think this is really weird, as the school where I went treated the bonfire as a pep rally the night before the game. There were several away games on Saturday, then the homecoming dance on Saturday night.

Kaittlin did not attend the dance in St. Maries. Her boyfriend goes to school at East Valley High School in Spokane Valley. It was also his Homecoming week. He invited her to go to his dance on Saturday. So Mike drove her to Spokane on Saturday afternoon. She & Joe went to dinner with Joe's stepmom (it was her birthday) & his grandma, then went to the dance. Here are pictures from before the dance:

I missed the last half of the week. On Thursday afternoon I left for Coeur d'Alene to attend the Idaho's Junior Miss program. As one of the co-chairmen of the St. Maries program I was there to represent our board & committee, along with several other members, & to support our contestant there. She did a fantastic job! I had a fun time, but was really tired when I got home late Saturday night.
It was a very long, fun-filled week & I am very glad homecoming comes only once a year!!! It has been rainy & cold all this week with frost, wind, & power outages. I have been listening to talk of the upcoming wrestling season & Ike keeps showing me catalogs with wrestling shoes in them. I think winter is HERE!

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