Monday, September 8, 2008

One week down!

Well, the first week of school has been completed, with little or no problems!!!

Kaittlin has a very full schedule this year with so many of the required classes landing on your junior year. In addition she is taking a two hour college course that will culminate in receiving her CNA at the end of the school year. So far, so good. She got 100% 0n her very first quiz & has been working online all week for toward the test that falls at the end of this week. She got her letterman's jacket this week...she is SO EXCITED!!! She wore it doing her homework the night I brought it home & even though the weather has been in the 80's she has wore it everyday since!!! I need to get the battery charged on my camera, then will post some photos...the jacket turned out very nice!!! She has school pictures today & managed to get in a couple soccer games & a half of a football game last week, she went home early because she was not feeling well. We called in for antibiotics for both her & Cassidy after Ike's bout with strep & I think we caught them both in time.

Cassidy has had very little homework so far & seems to be enjoying school. She has cheerleading practice three nights a week & they spend the first 45 minutes of every practice working on homework, I really like that. She & a friend went to Plummer last Friday night to go to the football game (her friend's cousin was playing), then they spent the night with Papa, went to the movies in Coeur d'Alene on Saturday, & back to her friend's house on Saturday night. She came home on Sunday morning.

Ike is enjoying middle school & likes his homeroom teacher. They tested last week to see which math & reading classes they will end up in. They should know that today. He is feeling much better & is almost done with his medicine, but is suffering through a horrible bout of cold sores...yuk! And, of course, school pictures were last week!!! He had his very first football game on Saturday. This is his first year of playing & he was pretty excited. I know NEARLY NOTHING about football, but do know that he is on the first string defense team & the coach said he did a good job. He surprised me on Saturday morning by coming upstairs & announcing that he would like to be in band! Really???!!!??? Although he has always been fairly musically inclined he has never really shown an interest. He said he originally thought he might like to play the drums, but EVERYONE wants to play the drums, so he chose the alto saxophone. He is very excited to get his instrument today (he can rent one from the school for $25 a year...can't beat that!).

On Friday night I took tickets at the high school football team & Mike helped cook with the BBQ Crew. On Saturday we went to Ike's football game & Sunday after church was spent at home. I didn't get a lot done, I didn't feel that good. But it is sure nice to be on a schedule again.

This week is looking busy as I have two meetings to attend, Booster Club & Junior Miss. Then of course there is kids' practices, Kaittlin is involved in Key Club activities, & Ike has another football game this coming Saturday.

Well, that's about it for another week. Have a good one!

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Mrs. Dole said...

You all are so busy! Of course, football has been going for us for over a month, but on the 18th we start with middle school games, so we'll average 3 games a week. :-O Let us know Ike's schedule, maybe we can make it to at least one of his games. It was good to see Cassidy on Friday ~ can you believe we won?!?! It was very exciting.