Saturday, September 13, 2008

Home Alone

Ssshhhh...can you hear that? That's right, quiet!!! I am home alone! That doesn't happen very often, wow!

This week went well. I had two meetings scheduled for this week, plus all of the kids' activities so it was set to be a very busy week. However, my Junior Miss meeting ended up being rescheduled for next week so that took a little pressure off.

On Monday evening Mike & I went to a Lumberjack Booster Club meeting. It was held at the new restaurant at the Golf Course, Casa de Oro. The food was really good! The booster club has recently acquired an influx of new members & is undergoing some leadership changes. The club, which has been very successful & influential in the past had dwindled down, not in paying members, but in members that are willling to volunteer to do the physical work required to keep it going. In recent weeks, there has been a push to revive & revitalize the club & there has been a lot of interest. We started the meeting with elections of new officers. Mike was elected Vice President & the coordinator of the BBQ Crew, the group of volunteers who BBQ hamburgers & hot dogs at each home, outdoor sporting event. The group seems to be very interested in carrying on with the events that the club has sponsored in the past, as well as coming up with some new & exciting ideas.

Ike has been feeling much better after his bout with strep & his cold sores are healing up. I have a doctor's appointment with our family doctor in Spokane next week to see what we can do about the cold sores. He had football practice three times this week & also got his alto saxophone for band...he is very excited about that. On Friday night all of the little guys who play football were announced in front of the crowd at the home high school football game with their big brothers on the hs team. This morning he had a football game in Plummer. They played Spangle & were defeated 18 - 0, they didn't play particularly well. He is at the hs soccer game right now with Kaittlin & is bringing home one of this friends to spend the night.

Cassidy had an asthma attack at school this week. She is terrible about taking her inhaler with her. Her asthma is not horrible, mostly only acts up during allergy season & exercise. She will also be going with me to the doctor on Wednesday of next week to have her asthma assessed. She has been going to cheerleading practice this week. She went to Plummer with us this morning & watched Ike's football game, then went to Papa's house. She will be home tomorrow.

Kaittlin had a good week. She is taking the CNA class at the high school this year. It is a college program through Lewis Clark State College that is held the first two periods of each day. The first semester is the Fundamentals of Health course & the second semester is the actual CNA course. The Fundamentals of Health class is held mostly online & is somewhat self paced, although there are deadlines that must be met regarding assignments, quizzes, & exams. Her first week consisted of a small amount of reading followed by a quiz. She received 100% on that quiz. Since then she has been working on reading a large amount of material, followed by an exam that needed to be completed by last Friday. On Tuesday she took the exam & passed with a 72%. The students can re-take the exams to better their scores as long as they have them completed by the deadline date. Kaittlin decided to study some more & try to get a higher score. She took it two more times & again, received scores in the 70's. So she studied more, took more notes, & re-read the material from start to finish before taking the exam one last time on Friday. She got a 96%!! Whoo hoo!!

Kaittlin is a member of Key Club, which is a student service organization affiliated with the Kiwanis. She really likes it & will likely be a volunteer all of her life. Key Club is getting geared up for the year & she is right in the thick of it. She also went to the football game with us this morning, mowed the lawn when she got home, & then took her brother with her to the hs soccer games this afternoon. I suspect they will be home shortly.

Work was crazy for me this week. We are short handed & training new employees & it seemed to be one of those weeks where everything goes wrong! Mike BBQ'd at soccer & football this week, but took today off to go on a motorcycle ride with some friends.

We are looking at the list of items that need to be done for the winter & trying to figure out where we are going to fit all of that in...hopefully the weather holds for a while.

I will sign off now & enjoy my last few minutes of quiet before everyone starts trickling home...

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