Monday, August 18, 2008

New Template

Ok, Kaittlin stopped whining about my blog template being pink, so it's not nearly as fun to torment her if she isn't reacting. So, I decided it was time to pick a new template.

I found the ones that were available as standard at this blog site to be a bit boring. There was really only one that I felt was "me", and EVERYONE uses that one.

So after searching the internet I found this one. Maybe still not as "me" as I would like, but much closer than the pink.

I tried to find something polka dot just for Cassidy's sake, but everyone I found that was polka dot was also so bright that it hurt your eyes!

Our weekend was good. We picked another 2 gallons of huckleberries on Friday night, which we had already sold. Saturday was a very large wedding here in St. Maries. Although we were invited to the wedding we were also asked to work for the caterer, which was much fun. The reception was beautiful, the weather wonderful, & the food great. I made a poor shoe choice for being on my feet all day & I paid dearly for that. Didn't do much on Sunday, it was so hot (and did I mention that my feet hurt?).

Ike starts football practice this afternoon, Cassidy went to Oregon with her Papa to visit Mike's brother, and Kaittlin got her letterman's jacket ordered on Friday.

That is the long & short of it. Have a great day!

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Mrs. Dole said...

Hey! Is this a Leelou template? If not, you might want to check it out. I thought she had several polka dot templates, with not too bad colors. There's a button on my Beneath Beams of Cedar blog.

You sound about as busy as us! Maybe more so...sure is nice having 2 drivers, besides Mike and I.