Sunday, August 24, 2008

Getting Ready for School

It is almost time for school to start! The summer went sooo fast...of course when you get snow on June 10 it tends to shorten up the season.

Last week we got the kids registered for school. I thought public education was supposed to be free!!! Last Wednesday was sign up day for the 8th graders. Cassidy wasn't home because she went to Oregon for the week with her Papa, so I brought Ike with me just so he could see the school (they don't pre-register 6th graders, but rather take care of all that the first day of school).

I got Cassidy all signed up, paid for her ASB card & her first month lunch. Since I was there right before they left for lunch & there were very few other people there signing up they went ahead and let me fill out the paperwork for Ike...still doesn't know who his homeroom teacher is. Got him all registered, paid for his ASB card, $40 book deposit, & his first month lunch. That day put me back about $170!

Thursday was registration day for HS juniors. We took Kaittlin up & got her schedule, everything was right & her locker worked! Paid for her yearbook (significant discount if you pay at the beginning of the year) & her first month lunch...$66! HOLY COW!

Then on Friday we headed to town to finish up school shopping. Cassidy was pretty good. She had received some hand-me-downs & gotten a box of clothing at our church's school clothing giveaway. She had also opted to reuse her book bag from last year, so really all she needed were shoes. She will wear flip flops the first month or so, then get shoes. Kaittlin was paying for her own school clothes as she worked all summer. She did the majority of her shopping at Value Village, you really can get great clothes used (& much more expensive labels that we can afford new) and also picked up some shirts at Ross. I bought Kaittlin a few dressy things & we also had a major find....she will need business appropriate clothes for her Junior Miss interview this spring. We found a two piece, pinstriped suit (pants & jacket) that fit her great at Ross...$19.99!Ike found all of the clothing he was looking for at Value Village & also managed to find TWO pair of BRAND NEW shoes.

We also picked up the remainder of our school supplies...we had already purchased pencils, paper, notebooks, folders, & Ike's backpack. So we needed a backpack for Kaittlin, pens, binders, book covers. We found most everything we were looking for & didn't spend TOO much, compared to what we could have. The kids all got their supplies gone through & packed their backpacks. Funny how three kids who say they are not ready to go back to school can get so excited about some pens & paper! :)

We hit Dairy Queen, then headed home. Whew! What a day!

Cassidy got home Friday evening & has spent much of her weekend cleaning her room...I think she might be sick!! :) Ike is out right now trying to sell raffle tickets for a load of logs for football. He has a week of practice in & is looking forward to next week. On Friday night our high school team had a scrimmage & before they started they announced the names of all the little guys playing football. They got to run out onto the field through the tunnel of hs players...they thought that was great! Kaittlin has been working quite a bit & today started her final week. Her last day for the summer is on Wednesday.

We have to fill out some paperwork for her CNA class. First semester she takes a college course Fundamentals of Health, then second semester she will take the actual CNA course. Both courses are through Lewis Clark State College & is free if taken through the Tech Prep program at our school. She will leave her Junior year as a state certified nurses assistant. She will be able to work for the nursing home or hospital next summer. I haven't been through all of her paperwork yet, but it looks like she will need a tetnus shot & a TB screening before she can start. She is needle phobic, so that should be interesting.

The next week brings a Booster Club meeting, our first soccer, volleyball, & football games, trying to get the house in order for the beginning of school, & the onset of Labor Day weekend...a big one here in St. Maries.

Here we go....

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