Tuesday, May 27, 2008

St. Maries

I am posting again today simply because I am trying to figure out this site. After my first post I went home & attempted to access my blog. I managed to do that, but cannot figure out why there is not a way for a visitor to leave a comment. I have messed around with the settings & to the best of my knowledge have everything marked the way it should be to allow comments, but no change.

It occurred to me that perhaps I changed something that needed to be changed but it does not affect any postings that have already been done. So I am going to try this post & see if it fixes it.

I said that I would try to catch you all up, since it has been a really long time since some of you have heard from us on a regular basis. Before I make my way through the family members getting you all caught up I thought I would update everyone on where we live.

Nine years ago (yes, nine) we moved from Plummer to St. Maries. Mike had changed jobs a couple years prior & began working in St. Maries. As most of you know, I have worked here for a very long time. We bought a house up on a hill near the nursing home here in town. It is on a loop road which is not on the way to anywhere, which makes traffic very light.

The school system here is excellent, a bit bigger than we were used to in Plummer...about 100 graduating seniors each year. The kids are involved in school, sports, & other activities.

For those of you who have not been here, St. Maries is in beautiful country. At the confluence of two rivers the scenery is mountainous & very "North Idaho". Although we live within the city limits we regularly have deer in our yard & once a moose ran through. The community is very volunteer & service oriented which fits our family very well. There are tons of opportunities to be involved & help other people.

It took a while to "fit in" when we first moved here, however, after a couple years I decided that most of the problem was an attitude problem on my part...I wanted people to come to me & accept me as part of the community rather than going out & involving myself. Once I fixed the attitude I have really enjoyed it here.

All in all we are very happy with our move to St. Maries. I am going to post now & see if the settings I changed fix my problem.

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The Primer Family said...

Just so you know. You can leave a comment now!!! We will enjoy reading your blog. It seems to be a great way to communicate to a large number of people on a regular basis without writing to each one... and they can access it on their own prerogative!!!

I don't know if you've looked at ours. It is www.providencelodge.blogspot.com.

See ya later!!