Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Quieter Week

It has been a significantly quieter week than the previous one I blogged about for two reasons. First of all, there were far less disasters to deal with and secondly, Ike is gone to camp...that makes it REALLY quiet.

We took him up Sunday afternoon, north of Deer Park for a week at Bible camp. He was very excited & raring to go. He makes new friends very easily so should have a fabulous week. He will be riding home Friday with the mother of one of the other kids that went.

Kaittlin made it back from her two week hiatus very tanned & ready to get back to work. She has worked everyday since she got back. She had a very productive throwing camp & enjoyed Bible camp very much.

Cassidy has been splitting her time between here and Plummer at Papa's house...her favorite place to go.

I am off work the rest of the week. I will be having a yard sale on Friday & Saturday & hope to earn enough money to buy a new kitchen table and chairs. I hate having yard sales & after the last one I vowed to take my things to the local senior citizen's thrift shop as soon as I had a box full...well, now I have a garage full!!! I am trying to get more organized so hopefully this one will be my last! :)

Mike still has not figured out what is wrong with his pick has him stumped! In addition, we are looking hard at trading in our mini van...I think for a NON mini van this time! We are plugging along in that process...maybe by next week I will have a new (used) vehicle.

Tonight & tomorrow on the agenda I will be getting my stuff ready for the yard sale...I probably won't post until next week again.

Have a great one!!!

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